July 26, 2011


Hi ya'll!

It's another HOT day here in the Dallas area and I've done nothing but stay inside and do as little as possible.  I had a migraine this morning, and even though I don't get a massive headache like most, I do lose vision in my left eye, preventing me from driving.  Fortunately, my eyesight has returned, and I was able to do one crafty thing today.  Check it out.

I found this piece of honeycomb looking cardboard in the recyling at work, and ideas immediately began to swim around in my head.  I wanted to do something with it so that I could show people at work what I had used it for, and this was my result.  I'm going to set it on one of the shelves in my office at work.  It's interesting how something that was considered trash has become one of my favorite scrap projects now.  I'm off to take a nap and then cook some dinner.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sparkle said...

Such a gorgeous project!

Valerie said...

This is so cool - I love how the delicate framework is supported by the cardboard. Trash to treasure is an understatement here!