August 28, 2011

Christmas Card Challenge Week #39


I hope you had a good week, and weekend.  I've been trying to reorganize my closet this weekend, but have lost motivation, and decided to play with my scrappy toys instead.  Anyone else have days like that? lol  Needless to say, it will still be there to finish later.  *sigh*

I'm happy to bring you another Christmas Card challenge.  I love making Christmas cards, and the opportunity to make at least one each week has been a blessing when it comes time to send them out.  Everything is done, and ready to go by the end of November.  Perfect timing, if you ask me.  This weeks challenge is to incorporate a photo into your card somehow.  For this weeks challenge, click HERE.

Now, I don't know about ya'll, but I was kind of stumped at this idea.  I guess someimes my ideas are too good for themselves, as this challenge was my contribution to the list. lol  I was trying to decide what to do, when the light bulb went on.  I remembered printing out some of the pictures, my friend Taj took of Sydney, in different sizes.  I already had the blue music resist piece from a previous project, and thought it would look nice with the photo in front of it, almost like a frame.  I had a friend choose the colors, and embellishments (green, blue, brown and ivory with rhinestones) and then put everything together.  Since his favorite color is green, I tried to use that as the main color, accenting with all of the others.  I tried using a dark brown, but it didn't go as well as the kraft (light brown).  And, did you notice?  There's glitter on it, thanks to the patterned paper I used. lol  I really like how this turned out.  This will be my mothers Christmas card this year.  I think she'll love it!

So, I'm going to ask the same question I did previously.  How many Christmas cards do you have finished this year?  Will you be finished before having to rush around at the end getting them done? lol  Maybe you can find the time to join us for this weeks challenge and get your Christmas card stash started!  I do hope you'll head over to the CCC blog and see what my friends have created for you today.  I'm sure you know by now, they're pretty fantastic.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely card Steph, I'm sure your Mom will love it! I have tons of cards made LOL!

Carla aka scrappypug said...

Oh this is so pretty and love your idea of using it for your Mom!

Valerie said...

Photo cards are definitely tricky but you did a great job, Steph! What a great photo of you and your daughter. This is the time of year where I envy everyone all you gals who have been making Christmas cards since January. I have made exactly 2!