March 3, 2012

For Kelly...

Hi everyone,

I got a phone call yesterday from my best friend in San Antonio, Kelly, with word that her mother had passed away on Tuesday.  Even though I had only spoken with her mother a handful of times, I knew she was a wonderful woman.

Judy messaged me on Facebook a few times to ask a few questions about papercrafting, and to let me know how beautiful she thought all of my projects were.  Only knowing her a short time, I feel blessed to have had her kind words, and support.  I know that Kelly, and her family are hurting right now, but I'm hoping that the sentiment in this card holds true.  I didn't want a lot of "fluff" on this card.  I wanted it simple, and meaningful, and I think I've accomplished that.  I know they'll appreciate it. 

If it's not too much to ask, would you please say a prayer for my friend and her family in their time of loss?

I appreciate each and every one of you!


Sarah said...

Thats so sad, Im so sorry. I will pray for them and your card is soo beautiful. Love it.
xoxo Rah

Thanh Vo said...

My thoughts are with your friend and her family, Steph. Hugs.

suzARTe said...

this is an absolutely gorgeous card, I love the simplicity and striking image of the tree

Marlena M. said...

So sad! I'm sorry for your friend. She will be comforted, I'm sure, by your card.