January 5, 2013

Unscripted Sketches Challenge #192

Happy Saturday!

Welcome back!  How has your first week of the New Year been?  I've been going through lots of adjustments, mostly getting used to the cold weather, but this year has started off really well for us.  I feel like my move here is a blessing, and hope to continue on the path to new and exciting things.  My daughter is absolutely loving the fact that I get to hug her everyday, and that I am here when she just wants to talk.  I'm loving the fact that I get to do the everyday things that I've missed with her again. :) 

I have a new Unscripted Sketches project for you today.  It's been a while since I've participated, so I'm happy to be back in it.  I have always loved their sketches, so it was fun to finally get to create with one of them again.  The gals at US have been so wonderful, in allowing me the time off I needed to get everything together, and I'm thankful for their patience with me.  For this weeks challenge, click HERE.

I really dig the way this card turned out!  I kinda used the below color combo, from Design Seeds, which was fabulous and made me happy.  Once I had my idea of how I wanted to put my card together, it was finished in no time.  I'm not a huge pink fan, but really like the color combo in this card.

I am so thankful that you've stopped by today.  I do hope you'll head over to see what wonderful projects are posted on the US blog for you today.  They're pretty fabulous!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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