February 19, 2011

US #94 - Sydney

Greetings ya'll!

How is your weekend going, so far?  What are your plans for today?  Hopefully, you're doing something fun and exciting, unlike me. lol  I'm back to trying to clean up the garage a bit.  I hate to clean. :(

Anyway, Saturday brings us to another Unscripted Sketches project.  There is a piggyback challenge for this week.  The piggyback is to use fabric.  For this weeks sketch challenge, click HERE.

Again, you can see this was created back when we had snow. lol  Hey, I'm happy I got the chance to sit home for a couple days during the work week and do nothing but craft away. :)  I was very productive. lol  I don't have any fabric, so I used felt for the butterfly.  I may have to think about purchasing some fabric pieces, just to keep on hand.  This layout was created in a 6X6 size for Sydney.  She said she wanted something for her to put in her room.  I asked her to choose a few of her favorite photos, and then put everything together for her using this weeks sketch.  I'm glad she loved it.  She's very much a girly girl.  I'm glad, as I'm not really like that. lol 

I hope you'll head over to see what my friends have created for you today.  There are some great, outside of the box, ideas posted.  Can't wait for you to see them!

Have a good day!

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Alanna said...

What a gorgeous layout. A keepsake for sure.