January 20, 2012

Day 19 & 20

Hello my friends! 

Wow, how quickly time goes by when you're working a lot. lol  I didn't even realize, until I sat down to write this post, that it has been 6 days since I last uploaded my daily photo.  I have two to share today and am hoping to get back on track and post daily again.

Day 19
I've been upgraded at work, so I had to re-decorate my new office.  I'm thinking I will frame a few of my favorite cards, that have been sent to me over the years, and hang them.  Loving the new stuff so far though.

Day 20
Hello beautiful!  As I returned from lunch today, this is what I saw sitting in our parking lot.  When I asked the receptionist who had delivered my late birthday present, she just laughed, and told me to keep dreaming.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I wish I made the kind of money that the owner of this beauty does.  *sigh*

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanh Vo said...

Oh hello, beautiful!!! One of my favourite dream cars. *sigh*

Michelle said...

I love your desk arrangement! Beautiful. That car is beautiful also. I have a friend who has a collection of beautiful cars, all black. Luxury cars look so nice in black!